Ana Sayfa
Albüm Dizini
2016 Dizini
(Heavy/Thrash Metal, USA)
(3:53)  1. Reset
(5:06)  2. Killing Your Time
(5:08)  3. No Tomorrow
(7:12)  4. Signal Path
(7:01)  5. Sky Falls In
(4:38)  6. Needle and Suture
(4:08)  7. Shadow
(6:28)  8. Blow Your Mind
(4:41)  9. Soul Eating Machine
(5:15) 10. It Waits
(4:54) 11. Suffer Fools
(3:46) 12. Fan the Fire *


* European Bonus Track

Metal Church - XI

Mike Howe - vocals
Kurdt Vanderhoof - guitars, mellotron, synth
Rick Van Zandt - lead guitars
Steve Unger - bass
Jeff Plate - drums

Produced and Mastered by Kurdt Vanderhoof
Mixed by Kurdt Vanderhoof & Chris "Wizard" Collier
Cover Art & Design by Kurdt Vanderhoof
Layout by Kat Moats
Photography by Mike Savoia

Recorded on 2015

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25.03.2016, Rat Pak

Başa dön


When you hear the lies
Somewhere deep the truth is hidden
Look into my eyes
In the stone nothing is written

Feeling good, feeling strong
Didn't think I'd last this long
Reaching deep, my soul to keep
Praying every night for sleep
Turn the page in my old age
Now I'm at the final stage again
Now I hit the button to reset

Nothing truly dies
Now you're going to live forever
Now you realize
Finally you've found the answer


And when you hear the sound, of your life crashing down
And no one seems to give a damn
You will be all alone, left in the danger zone
A very sad and lonely man... Do you understand?

And when it's time to pay, for all your evil ways
Your story no one will believe
Watch what your life becomes, you're begging for the crumbs
And you've got no tricks up your sleeve... You're just a thief!

Killing your time, you've just been killing your time
Killing your time. You're all just killing your time

You've got your hooks in it, and draining every bit
Of any good that can be found
But she can't see the man, who's in a garbage can
Until his ship is run aground... And never found

The end

Başa dön


A future is something that you'll never know
Something that's hiding and will never show
Seeing the fingers are pointing at you, will you die?
Losing your mind is like losing your soul
Something you're fighting while losing control
You're on your knees while you're throwing your hands to the sky!

All the Kings and all their Kingdoms
Pay the price for all your needs
All the Kings know what they're doing
Live your like like there will be
No tomorrow

Your damaged mind is now taking its toll
Changing perception, distorting the soul
Reaching for things that will only exist in your mind
Just when you think you've found security
I'll take you away into obscurity
Spending your day searching for all the things you can't find


Always in my head, but nothings ever said
Only one thing keeps me here where angels fear to tread
Watching all the time, ignoring all the signs
Pushing buttons on the ground and trying to shut my eyes

Now the payment's coming due
And I'm tired of warning you
The hammer of time is no friend of mine
There's nothing that you can do

And I feel it, and I need it
Only one thing on my mind
And I feel it, and I need it
Paying the price for what you do
The signal is never getting through to you

Hear the words I've said, now get it through your head
Use your tactics of the fear that fills you full of dread
A mountain you must climb, and climb in record time
When you reach the top you'll see you'll never touch the sky

Maybe I'll know when I hear the sound
Something I'll find lying on the ground
Keep it safe and keep it from the sun
No one will ever know it's here
Put it away for another year
Listen to all the voices in my head
And what they're saying

Başa dön


Time is taking its sweet time
The clock is ticking and I'm going to lose my mind
So tell me, tell me how it feels
Whispering the everlasting mystery deal
Now if you really feel it's true
There's nothing you can ever say or ever do

Moving on with endless days
Leaving space along the way of emptiness
Pushing through these walls of mine
Hoping that somehow I'll find the present tense
Please before the sky falls in

With the devil on my back
My angels planning their attack
They're close behind
While you tell me how to feel
Do i spend the rest of my life trying to deal
Now if you really think it's true
There's nothing you can ever say or ever do


I can see the future
A needle and a suture
A deeper wound will long be healing
For on the ground you will be kneeling

You're looking up while it's tearing you down
Asking for nothing but taking you down
In for a penny you're in for a pound
You have become some warrior clown
Back to the start is where you want to be
Back to the start is where you want to be
And the needle changes history

Now you are my sculpture
The God of this, this new culture
Eternal youth is what I'm dealing
And on the ground you will be kneeling

Başa dön


Sneaking up behind you
Can you feel my breath upon your neck
You won't see me coming
Just a spirit no one can detect

Look in my eyes, you'll never know
You turn your back and run away
You'll never see, just what I see
I am the dark that won't let go
I am Shadow

Hiding in the corners
Silence is a weapon i perfect
You will always find me
In the places you try to protect

In my disguise, a darkened glow
I'm right beside you every day
I guarantee, I'll never be
Another that you will outgrow
I am Shadow


Going to blow your mind
If you have the time

Now can you feel it moving through you
Like holding fire with your hands
Now can you feel the spirit moves you
To reveal the master plan
You see it coming all full circle
But you still don't understand
No waiting for the sky to fall in
Said the screaming preacher man

Going to blow your mind
If you have the time
Reaching for the sky
Shake the hand of time

Now I know you hear the words I'm saying
But there's things you don't believe
So if you take the plank from your eyes
Then maybe you can see
The proof of all it still surrounds you
But it's the forest through the trees
Or do you need a bigger picture
And a cure for all disease

Başa dön


I'm gone I'm outta here, it's not the place for me
I've lost the sense of self and my reality
I can't believe my eyes, it's right in front of me
I watched you change your face
In hopes of changing me

Like a soul eating machine
Feeding on my hopes and dreams
Screaming at the world outside
Now there's nothing left inside

How do you sleep at night?
Now that's a mystery
You blew up every bridge
You've got your hooks in me
Tell me just one more thing
How did you come to this
There's just one place for you
And it's your own abyss
Never to be missed

Soul eating machine


In your eyes a veiled disguise
No surprise
Now it waits for you

Into the fray it went away
Or so they say
Still it waits for you

Still inside the great divide
Is growing inside
There it waits for you

Alone I pray for all who say
They've lost their way
And it waits for you

And it waits for YOU!

Out of the night, into the light of dawn
There's nobody here, all that you love is now gone

Başa dön


I can see the empty sky that's not to far away
There will be no place to hide, the light got in the way
Back to start do it again and try some other way
If you don't take it to heart you'll die another day

We don't suffer fools
That is the golden rule
We don't suffer fools
And you're the fool

If you build a house divide and build it on the sand
The tide rolls in and knocks it down and now it's no mans land
There will never be a time that you will live in peace
And no matter how you try you'll never find relief

Başa dön